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Spaces and underscores

Please review the article RPM file naming as background to this article.

Sometime on or around version, a bug was unintentionally introduced which converted the ASCII space character to an underscore during output. Read more »

RPM file naming

Print job specific data

One of the primary uses of RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) is its ability to save print data to a file. This functionality is useful in a variety of situations, two of which are:

  • To preserve paper and the environment.
  • Integration with third-party software with a folder watcher feature.

RPM offers access to a large number of variables for naming a file. Here is a fairly comprehensive list. Read more »

How to print PDF files from RPM Remote Print Manager

In this article we explain how to print PDF files from our RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) product directly to a Windows printer. 

There are several reasons you may want to do this: Read more »

How to print PDF files from a command line to a Windows printer

This article discusses one way to print PDF files to a specific Windows printer, on the command line. It's simple to select "Print" in a PDF viewer and select a printer. It's a little more challenging to do this from a background application like RPM Remote Print Manager®. In this article we show you how.

Foxit Reader is a PDF viewer by Foxit Software which displays and prints PDF files. This program has proven to be very popular with our customers --and there seems to be quite a bit of good press for it on the Web, as well. Read more »

INTELLIscribe: Third Party Integration

One of our goals for all our products is for them to be part of a 3rd party solution, where that makes sense for the customer. We feel it is a better solution for everyone if the vendors cooperate, so we plan for that up front. Our INTELLIscribe product primarily acts as a Windows port monitor, taking your fully processed Windows print job and sending it to one or more printers on your network. Typically this is completely user-driven; when you print from your Windows application, INTELLIscribe kicks in and does its work. Read more »

LaserJet pioneer, Ray Smelek, laid to rest

Last week my wife Susan and I were in Boise on business, and met up with friends over dinner. The husband had conducted a funeral service that day for Ray Smelek, the man who “brought H-P to Boise”. The wife knew him because she cut his hair for a number of years. Read more »

ExcelliPrint: Ignoring Boundaries

As a product which has been on the market for a dozen years, in use by organizations literally worldwide, ExcelliPrint has a number of features which have grown out of real-world printing scenarios. One of these is the ability to ignore page boundaries. Read more »

GoDaddy outage

On September 10, 2012, GoDaddy experienced a denial of service attack which affected probably millions of sites around the web. We host brooksnet.com at our facility here in Idaho Falls, but GoDaddy handles our name resolution, so many people trying to reach us were unable. Also, some of our downloads are handled by a domain which GoDaddy hosts. 

We share your frustration over this incident and wonder why some use their creative talents to do this sort of thing.

Additional articles: Read more »

Apology for network outages

Please accept our apologies for being "down" several times over the past week.

We have experienced several network outages in the past week. Apparently there was a power surge somewhere in the network recently, which took out some switches and affected at least one router in the vicinity.

Our area network is usually super-reliable, but apparently our old monitoring company went out of business because we never heard from them. So we're giving a new one a try:  Read more »

Windows LPR problems sending large files

We have received several reports recently from customers who are sending large files to RPM using the Windows LPR on the following systems: Read more »

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