FAQ: Copy Queue Information from PC-to-PC

Question: How do I copy queue information from one PC to another?

Answer: When upgrading a version of RPM Remote Print Manager® on the same machine, RPM 2.3/9x will automatically search for and duplicate previously created queues in the new installation. The following instructions may be used to copy queue information from one PC to another PC for the RPM versions shown.

From RPM 2.1/95 to RPM 2.1/95

On the old installation, copy the 'rpm.ini' file from the RPM directory and overwrite the 'rpm.ini' file in the new installation. Also, under the RPM\Queues directory, copy the queue subdirectory(s) to the new installation.

From RPM 2.2/95 to RPM 2.3/95

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start\Run and type 'regedit'. Press OK.
  2. Go to "Hkey_Local_Machine/Software/Brooks Internet Software" and choose the "Queues" subkey.
  3. From the "Registry" menu, select "Export Registry Key". Save the file to a floppy disk or network drive.
  4. On the new machine, import the .reg file into the registry by double-clicking on the file.
From RPM 2.1/95 to RPM 2.3/95

Copy "CheckRPM.exe" from the new install RPM installation (default set to C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\RPM) to a directory on the 2.1/95 host. Then execute the program. Then export the queue subkey from "Hkey_Local_Machine/Software/Brooks Internet Software" and then import it into the registry of the new installation.

Hint: Verify that the new RPM installation windows printer names (My Computer/Control Panel/Printers) are the same as those used in the original queue setup.