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Microsoft Windows 2008

How to use powershell from an RPM filter

Problem: I'm trying to use RPM to launch a Windows Powershell script, but nothing inside the script seems to be running.

Solution: By default, the script execution policy in Windows Powershell is set to Restricted.  This prevents Powershell from running any scripts.  In order to allow scripts, you can use the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet.  For instance, if you want to allow all scripts to run, you might run the following command from a Powershell command line:

Windows LPR problems sending large files

We have received several reports recently from customers who are sending large files to RPM using the Windows LPR on the following systems:

Run RPM 5.x as a non-privileged user

Problem:  RPM Remote Print Manager® 5.x runs as the local System account by default. In some rare circumstances, it may be desirable to run RPM as a non-privileged user account. This can create permissions-related complications and file access.

FAQ: How to determine the IP Address

Problem: What are some ways of determine the IP Address of my computer?

FAQ: How do I use broadcast printing?

Question: I want to utilize the broadcast printing feature in INTELLIscribe®. What are the requirements and how do you configure the Virtual Printer Port?

LPR Print Client - INTELLIscribe

INTELLIscribe® installs on Windows 2000 through Windows 7 allowing you to send print jobs to printers, print servers, or any IP addressed device, anywhere in the world using TCP/IP technology.

RPM Remote Print Manager Version Differences

RPM Remote Print Manager® comes in two versions; RPM Select and RPM Elite.

RPM Elite and RPM Select are both at version They use the same code base; the difference is that Elite has additional features and some restrictions relaxed. Please read the full list of RPM features if you are unsure of which version you need. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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