FAQ: LPD queue names for network print servers

Question: Do you have a list of LPD queue names that we can browse to find out our configuration for INTELLIscribe?

FAQ: Configuring an Apple LaserWriter Pro 810

Problem: My printer is an Apple LaserWriter Pro 810 and it has a built in print server. I cannot configure my print server to work with INTELLIscribe.

FAQ: Print Setup dialog does not open

Problem: When pressing the "Printer Setup" button to select a printer on a newly created queue, an hourglass cursor appears for a second then goes away. The Print Setup dialog never appears.

FAQ: Configuring RPM for direct socket printing (update)

Question: I have a host system running that does not support the LPR/LPD protocol, however, it does support the Telnet protocol for printing. Can I configure RPM to receive jobs using the Telnet protocol?

FAQ: Will RPM receive jobs from an HP3000?

Question: Will RPM Remote Print Manager® receive jobs from an HP3000 running the MPE/iX operating system (OS)?

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