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Windows LPR problems sending large files

We have received several reports recently from customers who are sending large files to RPM using the Windows LPR on the following systems:

FAQ: What is LPR/LPD?

Question: What is LPR/LPD?

FAQ: Do you have generic setup instructions?

Question: You have numerous setups for mainframes and other server systems, but not for my mainframe. Are there some more generic instructions for setting up a output queue on other systems?

FAQ: Setup an MVS mainframe to print to RPM

Question: How do I setup an MVS mainframe to print to RPM Remote Print Manager®?

FAQ: How to set up RPM to receive from a DEC VAX

Problem: The OCX software on my DEC VAX doesn't support LPR. How do I print to RPM Remote Print Manager®?

FAQ: How do I use broadcast printing?

Question: I want to utilize the broadcast printing feature in INTELLIscribe®. What are the requirements and how do you configure the Virtual Printer Port?

FAQ: Print Setup dialog does not open

Problem: When pressing the "Printer Setup" button to select a printer on a newly created queue, an hourglass cursor appears for a second then goes away. The Print Setup dialog never appears.

FAQ: How to configure SGI IRIX to print to RPM

Question: How do I configure my SGI IRIX lpr to print through RPM Remote Print Manager®?

FAQ: Received "malformed from address" from Unix

Question: I get an error message printing from INTELLIscribe to Unix: "Malformed from address"

FAQ: Printing to RPM from OpenVMS

Problem: How do I set up the LPR/LPD service in OpenVMS to print through RPM?

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