IPDS file naming for document management

Sometimes when you do something, you don't know the whole story on why it's a good idea. All you know is that a bunch of people asked you to.

It turns out that filenaming in the latest edition of ExcelliPrint is the one feature people are telling us about, at least this week. We're getting orders based on the press release and that feature.

IPDS-reliable printing protocol

 I was talking with a colleague this week about IPDS. He shared his opinion that IPDS was the most reliable printing protocol around. The reasons he gave include:

  • IPDS is an end-to-end protocol

FAQ: Using PSF to control job separation

Problem: IPDS print jobs are not being separated properly when printing through ExcelliPrint.

FAQ: What ports does ExcelliPrint use?

Question: I have a software firewall such as Zone Alarm or the Windows Firewall installed on my computer. What ports need to be opened in order to use ExcelliPrint?

FAQ: How to print to ExcelliPrint from my host

Question: How do I create a device on my host system (mainframe or AS/400) that prints to ExcelliPrint using IPDS?

FAQ: Does RPM handle AFPDS files, no but ExcelliPrint IPDS does

Question: Does RPM Remote Print Manager® support printing AFPDS files generated from an AS/400 or System 390?

FAQ: Does RPM support IPDS?

Question: Does RPM Remote Print Manager® support Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) files from the AS/400 or IBM mainframe systems?

FAQ: Automatically reply to message CPA3394

Problem: Every time a print job is released from the AS/400, I get the following message:

Load form type <TYPE> device <DEVICE> writer <WRITER>

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