RPM Select 5.0

PCL Printer Emulation - Font and Macro Caching

For most people, printing is a two step process:

  1. Click the Print button.
  2. Retrieve the print out. 

Unfortunately, it's not always that simple.  When you get into the world of networked printers, mainframe formats, and print language conversion there is a lot more than meets the eye.  Today's question was whether or not RPM Remote Print Manager could emulate a networked PCL printer.  Specifically, can RPM cache fonts and macros that are sent as separate print jobs and convert them to PDF.

FAQ: Opening Log Options causes a server busy message

Problem: When trying to access the Log Options dialog on a Windows Server 2003 operating system, a Server Busy message pops up 

FAQ: How to copy queue configuration

Question: How do I copy queue configuration from one computer to another running RPM?

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