FAQ: LPD queue names for network print servers

Question: Do you have a list of LPD queue names that we can browse to find out our configuration for INTELLIscribe?

FAQ: Printing to an Epilog Legend Engraver

Problem: I'm having a few problems printing  through INTELLIscribe to an Epilog engraver, such as: job never prints, error message "List index out of bounds()", etc.

FAQ: INTELLIscribe "time out" when sending jobs


I have configured INTELLIscribe to send to my network printer. After a few minutes, the job fails due to a "timeout" problem. On certain printers, the job may even print, but  INTELLIscribe e shows a status of "Failed" in the "Print Job Information" window. When I ping the printer, it replies quickly. In the print job "Properties" dialog, you may see a message stating a "timeout" or "List index out of bounds" message.

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