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FAQ: Security scan flags Firebird 'sysdba' default password

Question: After installing or upgrading to RPM 6.0, a security scanner reports that the Firebird service is accessible using the default password. Can the default password be changed?

Answer: The only time the default 'sysdba' password is needed is during RPM installation or upgrades. You can change the default 'sysdba' password after it is installed and even while RPM is running without affecting the receiving and processing of print jobs.

Here is one way to change the password.

How to use powershell from an RPM filter

Problem: I'm trying to use RPM to launch a Windows Powershell script, but nothing inside the script seems to be running.

Solution: By default, the script execution policy in Windows Powershell is set to Restricted.  This prevents Powershell from running any scripts.  In order to allow scripts, you can use the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet.  For instance, if you want to allow all scripts to run, you might run the following command from a Powershell command line:

PCL Printer Emulation - Font and Macro Caching

For most people, printing is a two step process:

  1. Click the Print button.
  2. Retrieve the print out. 

Unfortunately, it's not always that simple.  When you get into the world of networked printers, mainframe formats, and print language conversion there is a lot more than meets the eye.  Today's question was whether or not RPM Remote Print Manager could emulate a networked PCL printer.  Specifically, can RPM cache fonts and macros that are sent as separate print jobs and convert them to PDF.

Run RPM 5.x as a non-privileged user

Problem:  RPM Remote Print Manager® 5.x runs as the local System account by default. In some rare circumstances, it may be desirable to run RPM as a non-privileged user account. This can create permissions-related complications and file access.

FAQ: Print to a specific tray using PCL

Question: I need to print IPDS print jobs to a specific source drawer (paper input tray) on my printer. How do I know on which tray the job will be printed?

FAQ: The username on the banner is SYSTEM

Problem: Whenever I print to RPM Remote Print Manager® for Windows NT, the Microsoft PostScript separator page always prints the username as "SYSTEM". How can I make the proper username print out?

FAQ: Copy Queue Information from PC-to-PC

Question: How do I copy queue information from one PC to another?

FAQ: RPM takes a long time to print (update)

Problem: RPM Remote Print Manager® is taking a long time to print.

FAQ: One line appears at the top of each page

Problem: I've selected "Pass through" printing but one line appears at the top of each page.

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