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FAQ: How to print to RPM from an IBM/VSE mainframe

Question: How do I print to RPM from an IBM/VSE mainframe running a VTAM-based application?

FAQ: Why does the Euro currency symbol not print?

Problem: When printing through RPM, the Euro currency symbol does not print, but is translated into a space character. How can this be resolved?

FAQ: Printing from mainframes to RPM

Question: Can I print from IBM OS/390 to RPM running on a Windows platform?

FAQ: RPM creates a new queue automatically

Problem: I already have a queue created in RPM, but when I sent a print job, RPM creates a new queue automatically. Why does this happen and can this behavior be changed?

FAQ: Access is denied to a shared printer

Question: We have installed RPM on a Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or Server 2003 operating system. When printing to a locally attached printer, everything is fine. When the printer is shared from another Windows PC, a message is logged that reads, in part, access is denied.

FAQ: How to print to ExcelliPrint from my host

Question: How do I create a device on my host system (mainframe or AS/400) that prints to ExcelliPrint using IPDS?

FAQ: How do I upgrade?

Problem: I would like to upgrade from one version of RPM 4.5 to a newer version, such as to

FAQ: Acrobat Distiller 5 hangs when printing from RPM

Problem: When using a filter queue to call Acrobat Distiller, the first job is distilled properly. Subsequent jobs fail to be opened in Distiller and stay in RPM in a Wait state.

FAQ: Upgrading from RPM 4.0

Question: How can I upgrade from RPM Remote Print Manager 4.0?

FAQ: Can I increase the printer limit?

Question: My RPM license is limited to 24 printers. Is it possible to allow RPM to print to more than this number of printers?

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