Windows LPR problems sending large files

We have received several reports recently from customers who are sending large files to RPM using the Windows LPR on the following systems:

FAQ: Can RPM handle FORTRAN codes?

Problem: I have files with ASA carriage control, also known as FORTRAN control characters, that I need to print. Can RPM convert ASA carriage control properly?

FAQ: How to modify the line spacing?

Problem: I need to modify the line spacing. Can I do this with RPM Remote Print Manager®?

FAQ: Print to a specific tray using PCL

Question: I need to print IPDS print jobs to a specific source drawer (paper input tray) on my printer. How do I know on which tray the job will be printed?

FAQ: Using PSF to control job separation

Problem: IPDS print jobs are not being separated properly when printing through ExcelliPrint.

FAQ: Does RPM support USB printers?

Question: Does RPM support printing to a USB connected printer?

FAQ: PostScript files print as PostScript code

Problem: I send PostScript files and they print as PostScript code.

FAQ: A small box and "E" print on every page

Problem: I am printing text data, and I get a small box and capital E on every page (or other "garbage" characters). I even selected "remove control characters before printing" but it didn't help.

FAQ: How can I release a job in "wait" status?

Problem: How can I release a job in "wait" status?

FAQ: Bold is not printing in my text queue

Problem: RPM Remote Print Manager® does not print bold when I have a text queue selected.

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