FAQ: rundll32.exe subprocess consuming resources

Problem: A rundll32.exe process is listed with RpmSrv.exe as its parent and is consuming a high amount of resources on the server. If I stop and restart the RPM service, the problem goes away temporarily but returns. Giving the computer additional resources only prolongs the inevitable computer reboot or manual termination of the rundll32.exe process.

Windows LPR problems sending large files

We have received several reports recently from customers who are sending large files to RPM using the Windows LPR on the following systems:

FAQ: Can RPM handle FORTRAN codes?

Problem: I have files with ASA carriage control, also known as FORTRAN control characters, that I need to print. Can RPM convert ASA carriage control properly?

FAQ: How to modify the line spacing?

Problem: I need to modify the line spacing. Can I do this with RPM Remote Print Manager®?

FAQ: Print to a specific tray using PCL

Question: I need to print IPDS print jobs to a specific source drawer (paper input tray) on my printer. How do I know on which tray the job will be printed?

FAQ: Using PSF to control job separation

Problem: IPDS print jobs are not being separated properly when printing through ExcelliPrint.

FAQ: Does RPM support USB printers?

Question: Does RPM support printing to a USB connected printer?

FAQ: PostScript files print as PostScript code

Problem: I send PostScript files and they print as PostScript code.

FAQ: A small box and "E" print on every page

Problem: I am printing text data, and I get a small box and capital E on every page (or other "garbage" characters). I even selected "remove control characters before printing" but it didn't help.

FAQ: How can I release a job in "wait" status?

Problem: How can I release a job in "wait" status?

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